A New Generation of Monkeys in Wealth of Monkeys Slots

While we have already reviewed Year of the Monkey Slots, there is a new slot game - Wealth of Monkey Slots that is a baby monkey theme-based slot for a new generation of monkeys. It is a fast paced slot game that has a free spins feature meter and multipliers. If you enjoyed our Monkey Slots reviews, we invite you to play Wealth of Monkeys Slots at our recommended casinos.

Game Facts

Wealth of Monkeys is a 4-reel, 12-payline bonus video slot. The coin sizes range from one cent to $200. This is the max bet. Thus, whatever wager you choose is the bet you make. Instead of a multiplier meter, this slot game has the Free Spins meter that runs from 1 to 5. We recommend you read the pay table before playing the slot game, so that you are aware of how the game is played. The Spin button is located on the middle last reel. You can also use it as a stop button.

The Winning Free Spins Meter

The Winning Free Spins Meter runs from 1 to 5. Here's how it works. For every consecutive non-winning spin, the Free Spins meter will advance by 1. Once the meter is full, 5 free spins will be given. After which, the meter will reset back to one.

Baby Monkeys

The symbols in Wealth of Monkeys include: four cute monkeys, and three Chinese icons. Five or more matching symbols on the reels will multiply the bet up to 500xs. The blue monkey is the highest paying symbol.

Play Wealth of Monkeys Slots

This is a cute and entertaining slot. Of course, the multipliers are important as well as the free spins round. Play Wealth of Monkeys Slots at our recommended casinos.