The Transformation: Fire and Ice Slots

Starting with the introduction, you will immediately know you are in for a great time playing Fire and Ice Slots. The music is fabulous, the graphics are amazing, and you will be able to engage in two symbol transformations; two free spins rounds; and two bonus rounds. After the introduction, you will click on continue and the full slot machine will be shown. All I can say is WOW! The first thing I noticed is that on the left side of the slot was flaming angel; and on the right side of the slot was the frozen angel. Ingenious design! The background completes this stunning slot with the left side showing an icy background, whereas the right side shows a fiery one. We invite you to play this extraordinary slot game at our recommended casinos.

Game Facts

Fire and Ice Slots is a 5-reel, 40-payline bonus video slot. The coin sizes range from one cent to $10, with a max bet of $400. If this is too high a bet to place, you can certainly use the lower denominations and still win big given the number of wilds and bonus features available. We recommend you real the multi-page pay table as it contains all the information on symbols, payouts, and bonus features you will need to know about. There are also two new buttons on this slot machine. The Fast Play button allows for the reels to drop all at once. The Auto Bet button acts as the auto play and is continuous until you click the button again.

Symbols Transformation

The wild symbol is a creature. If it is burned and frozen at the same time, it will change into a wild angel symbol. Note that after each spin, the flaming angel can burn an ice creature to his fire equivalent. Also after each spin, the frozen angel can freeze a fire creature to become his frozen equivalent. The wild creatures (3) will substitute for all other symbols except the free spins and bonus symbols. The Mountain is the bonus symbol and three or more will take you to the bonus round.

The First Free Spins Round

There are two free spins rounds in this game. The first is the when the wild angel becomes a fire angel. You will win 10 free spins. The fire angel wild symbol will expand on reels 2 and 4 to increase your chances of winning. The ice angel will act as a wild symbol and as a scatter symbol. Three or more ice angels anywhere on the slot machine will multiply your bet accordingly: 3 symbols equal a 2xs multiplier; 4 symbols equal a 5xs multiplier; and 5 or more symbols will equal a 7xs multiplier.

The Second Free Spins Round

Free Spins symbols trigger the second free spins round and multipliers are added to the total bet. 2 symbols will give you a 2xs multiplier; 3 symbols will give you 10 free spins plus a 4xs multiplier; 4 symbols will give you 10 free spins plus a 10xs multiplier; five or more symbols will give you 10 free spins plus a 20xs multiplier.

Medium and Low Win Symbols

The medium and low win symbols pay with multipliers as there are no set coin amounts. Thus, the medium symbols include: 4 monsters and the multipliers go as high as 500xs your bet when all five of the same monster appears. The low win symbols include: a wolf, a creature, the ice angel, and the flaming angel. The multiplier for these symbols goes as high as 75xs your bet when all five of the same symbol appears on the reels.

Play Fire and Ice Slots

This is one of the most incredible slot games I have played to date. It is masterfully designed to bring you the most in game play. This is a high quality, high performance slot game and we invite you to play Fire and Ice Slots at our preferred casinos.