Lady of the Moon Slots

In a most stunning background along with the most beautiful symbols I’ve seen, I present Lady of the Moon Slots. This Chinese themed slot is based on a Chinese folk tale about Tschang O who, on the sly, took a bite out of an herb that was meant for the Queen Mother of the Jasper Sea. Upon eating the herb, Tschang O then floated up into the clouds. When she reached the moon, there was a castle she ran to and lived there for the rest of her life. Thus, she has been called the Lady of the Moon. I also have to say that the background music is absolutely wonderful and soothing.

About the Game

Lady of the Moon is a 5-reel, 13-payline bonus video slot. The max bet per line is $5, and the max bet is $65 per spin. The jackpot is 13,000 coins. (The number 13 seems to be prominent in this game). There is an Auto Play button. I do, however, recommend you read the pay table as it contains the symbols, payouts, and a very special look at the very beautiful pictures of the Lady of the Moon and Tschang O. Both are accompanied by the ancient Chinese story. There is an Auto Play button for your use.

Playing the Game

The highest paying symbol is the Tschang O. Get all five to win 13,000 coins. The rest of the symbols are gorgeous, but there are three special symbols to keep your eye on. The Wild Moon will appear frequently in this game affording you great payouts. The Scatter Yellow Flower will yield free spins, and the Bunch of Yellow & Orange Flowers is the Bonus symbol.

The Bonus Symbol

When you get 3 Bonus symbols on an active pay line, you can win up to 3300 bonus points in the bonus game. I did hit the bonus round and was asked to choose between the Lady of the Moon and Tschang O. I won $50. When I hit the bonus round again, I won $5 with a 50xs multiplier to win $250.

The Scatter Symbol

When you get three Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, you will win…..wait for it…..13 free spins. I won the free spins round and received $485 with the max bet.


This is a very lucrative game and one I am adding to my favorites list. The symbols are incredibly moving as is the story behind it. Play Lady of the Moon Slots at our preferred casinos.