Snakes and Ladders Megadice Slots

As a child, I remember playing the Snakes and Ladders Board game, and lo and behold, it is now an online slot. It has a fabulous design with an animated snake at the top, and ladders abound. Features include Wild Dice, a Bonus symbol, a Progressive Feature, the Snakes & Ladders Board Bonus - all fantastic features in a ten reel slot! Who would have thought?

Slot Game Developer

The provider is Pragmatic Play.

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Slots in Demo Mode

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The Theme

Snakes and Ladders Megadice is based on the original Snakes and Ladders board game.

The Design

The design of the game is terrific in its detail. The animated snake at the top and the symbols include a very happy coiled snake, ladders, a gorilla, a banana, and cards.

Type of Slot Game

Snakes and Ladders Megadice is a 5-reel bonus video slot.

Number of Paylines

There are ten pay lines in this game.

Betting Options

The betting options start with 10 cents up to $100, the max bet per spin. Based upon your bet, the symbols payout accordingly. The highest-paying symbol is the Gorilla.

Paytable Location

Click on the small I at the bottom of the slot to access the paytable. Click on the three horizontal lines adjacent to the small I to place bets.

Bonus Features with Free Spins

  • The Three-Die symbol is Wild. Whenever it appears on the reels, it will have 1, 2, or 3 dots on them. The dots are multipliers of 1xs, 2xs, or 3xs, respectively. Get all five to win $5000.
  • The Bonus symbol will appear on all reels.

The Progressive Feature

In the base game, a snake with 11 sections appears. Get Wild Dice symbols to trigger many units. When all 11 are activated, the Bonus Game will commence. Please read page 2 of the paytable to grasp this feature entirely.

Snakes & Ladders Board Bonus Game

  • As noted previously, this Bonus feature, when getting three or more, triggers the round. When the Bonus begins by filling the snake, you will start with 12 dice rolls plus any extra rolls you received in the main game. The maximum number is 17. The dice rolls are as follows:
  • 5 Bonus symbols = 16 dice rolls
  • 4 Bonus symbols = 14 dice rolls
  • 3 Bonus symbols = 12 dice rolls
  • Note that players will get a board of 144 squares on a 12x12 grid in the Bonus Game. A Monkey Head represents the player that appears on reel 1. At the start of the game, players will see random items placed in random squares. Players will reap money awards expressed as multipliers of their total bet, multipliers for the total win, ladders of any size, snakes of any size, and bananas. For every roll, two dice give a random result from one to six each during the game. After every dice roll, the monkey head moves several places on the board according to the dots on the dice.
  • Please read page 4 of the paytable as a very long explanation of the bonus round continues on a full page.

Return to Player

The Return to Player is 96.68%.

Players Rate Snakes and Ladders Megadice Slots

Players have given this game a popularity score of 4.

Slot Game Winners

There have been many winners playing this game.

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Mobile Availability

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Slots is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.