Snakes & Ladders – Snake Eyes Slots

This game takes place on a 5x3 grid and includes 10 pay lines. The game is played against a waterfall background. The artwork includes great detailing in terms of the setting, while the board itself looks a bit more simplistic and playful. The RTP for this game is a favorable 96.08%. The votalltitiy is high, and players can play with stakes as low as 0.20 per spin up to the high roller-friendly amount of 100 EUR per spin.

This game is playable in demo mode. You can play it on iPads, iPhones, tablets, and android devices. To land wins on the board a player must trigger at least three matching symbols. This is typically how it is, but some game's award wins started at two symbols, still, it doesn't subtract from the overall quality or win potential. The winning payout starts from the left side. The lowest symbols are the 10,9, A, K, J, and Q symbols. The medium symbols are bananas, snakes, and gorillas which pay anywhere from 15 to 50x your stake. The dice symbol is the wild symbol, which also can act as a substitute to boost winning combinations. When the wild dice is triggered, it'll display 1-3 dots, and they represent a multiplier. The multiplier is applied to the total of the winning spin. If you trigger five wild dice, you'll be paid 50x your bet.


If you land three to five scatter symbols, you'll trigger the Snakes & Ladder bonus board, and you'll receive twelve, fourteen, or sixteen dice rolls. If you land 4 or 5 scatters, one of the symbols might transform into a snake bonus symbol, which pays out 2 extra dice rolls. The bonus game will change the grid to 12x12, and the player will begin as a monkey token on square one. After that, items will be placed on the grid, including lucrative multipliers, ladders, snakes, and bananas. Two dice are rolled per turn and players will move across the board. If 1-1 is a roller, +1 more roll is added to the game. If you land on a square with a multiplier or any of those items, well - it's pretty self-explanatory what will occur, depending on what item is on that particular square. The money symbol will add a bet multiplier to the total win, the multiplier multiplies. The ladder will move players to the square at the top of the ladder. The snake will move players to the tip of its tail. The banana will add random money values to the board, and all other bananas are removed. If you reach the final position, you'll receive 1,000x your bet.

One of the random squares might have a hidden rope charmer, and if you land on it, the monkey will move to a higher position on the board. When you run out of rolls, the game will end, or if you reach the final square. The minimum win from the bonus round is 20x the bet. The monkey can also go into rage mode and collect all values and multipliers along the way toward the end of the game if you don't win a multiplier of at least 20x on your own.