Wild Sevens 5 Lines Slots

Top Game’s Wild Sevens 5 Line Slots is sister to its 3-line slots. In reviewing all their multi-line slot games, one thing is clear – you can make money playing any line category of these slot games.

About the Game

Wild Sevens 5 Lines Slots has the pay table located to the left of the slot. In this way you can see the symbols and payouts as you play the game. The Auto Play button and the select lines and bet buttons are in their usual spot at the bottom of the slot game. The difference between the 5-line slot and the 3-line slot is where the Red 7 Wild symbols appear to win one of five high payouts. Due to the fact this is a 5-line slot, the max number of coins is 5, and the max bet is $25 per spin.

Playing the Game

As you will see when you play this game, the Red 7s are Wild. Even if you don’t get three Red 7 Wild symbols on each of the pay lines, you can still win as the Wild symbol will pay out for any combination of symbols. However, to win the big money, you need to get 3 Red 7s on line 4 to win 6000 coins; 3 Red 7s on line 5 to win 4000 coins; 3 Red 7s on line 3 to win 3000 coins; three Red 7s on line 2 to win 2000 coins; and 3 Red 7s on line 1 to win 1000 coins. The jackpot in dollars is worth $30,000.


Whether you play the 3 lines or the 5 lines, the outcome will be a bit different because the 5 line slot will have an additional two lines with which you can grab that jackpot. Play Wild Sevens 5 Lines Slots at our participating casinos.