There have been hundreds of methods for funding online casino accounts. Some have gone by the wayside due to regulations and laws enforced over the years; there have been mergers; and there have been some that have withstood the wrangling over the UIGEA Law. Today, we introduce you to a new way of making purchases online; one that is safe and secure, and virtual. It is called the uPayCard. The uPayCard allows for multi-currency exchanges on a global scale. It is an instant Virtual MasterCard that does come with its own number, expiration date, and security code. You can also receive an actual MasterCard if needed.

How to Apply For uPayCard

You will be asked to provide your name, address, birth date, telephone number, email address, and valid identification. This can all be done online. Once you have been accepted, your virtual card will become active. You will be given account limits; and the ability to transfer funds from your eWallet to your virtual MasterCard. Moreover, you can also ask to have a MasterCard sent to you in lieu of the virtual one, if you so desire. The Virtual MasterCard is strictly used for online purchases and can be used by anyone who accepts MasterCard as payment.

Is There Fees Associated with obtaining uPayCard?

Yes. The fees have been outlined in a most comprehensive manner on uPayCard’s fee page.

Usage of the uPayCard Virtual MasterCard vs. uPayCard MasterCard

The uPayCard Virtual MasterCard can also be used to transfer funds, pay individuals, and fund your casino accounts. You can also use uPayCard Virtual MasterCard on your mobile devices, which is another way of managing your account. The uPayCard MasterCard can be used to make purchases at any physical location that accepts MasterCard, including ATMs for depositing and withdrawing.

Sign Up For uPayCard

In this global age of technology, where just about everything is done online or on a mobile device; having uPayCard Virtual MasterCard may be the most efficient and most secure way of making transactions in a safe manner.