Among the many Viking theme-based slots, we have reviewed four relating to Asgard. If you know the history of Valhalla found in Old Norse texts, you will find the story of Odin and the Valkyries. Moreover, if you have been a fan of Xena: Warrior Princess, you will remember the story arc of Xena and Odin along with the warrior Valkyries. It is said that Odin takes half of those who have died in battle, and the other half are selected by the goddess Freyja where those who died in battle will be sent to an afterlife location. The significance of these Viking theme-based slots is based on historical data, some of which is Norse mythology, and some of which of based on solid research. Thus, the Asgard slot games can allow players to read about Norse mythology in general; and the Vikings in particular. We invite you to play these Viking theme-based slots as they are lucrative, beautifully designed, and provide a hint of history in the world of Norse mythology.

Although the Norse god Thor rose through the storm clouds creating thunder, you can create your own storm playing Viking themed slot games online. Neither rain, nor snow……will keep you from playing these slot games online.