Why Free Spins Slots Are So Popular?

Among the many features available to slot players are games in which there are bonus rounds offering free spins. Bonus slot games with free spins are the most popular games played by slot players today. They are exciting, innovative, and offer a variety of twists and turns, with just as many surprises as well.

If you are playing Cleopatra's Gold Slots at Bovada Casino, for example, all you need to get are 3 pyramids to receive 15 free spins. That's just one example. There are other slot games in which you not only earn free spins during regular game play, but through the bonus rounds as well.

What we found most enjoyable playing a bonus slot game is that when you get the required number of symbols, and the free spins begin - there is a number counter displayed (usually at the top right corner of the slot machine) which allows you to watch the number of spins used. This counter is directly under the payout box, so that as the free spins commence, you are also watching the payout rise in number.

Here's another example: We tried Mermaid's Quest Slots available at Crazy Slots, and we noted a message at the bottom of the slot machine stating that 3 King Neptune symbols would garner us 10 Free Spins. Of course, reading the paytable before you begin playing a slot machine will further offer you information as to how many spins you can obtain.

Another advantage to playing bonus slots in order to receive free spins is that some slot games offer a larger number of free spins depending upon how many scatters appear on the reels. For example, there are slot games where 3 or more scattered symbols win you 5 free spins; 4 scatters win 10 free spins; and 5 scatter symbols win you 20 free spins.

Furthermore, selecting a slot game with a retrigger feature allows for additional spins. Moreover, there are slots that have an additional feature within the free bonus spins. For example, when you get the specified symbol displayed on the required reels, you not only win additional spins but the winnings are multiplied by 10! This is the most exciting feature offered during regular play.

If you love online slots, check out our recommended casinos as well as our bonus slot casinos for a truly unique experience. Free spins are here to stay and from what we have learned they are going to get even better and more exciting for slot players.