Win Real Cash at FaceUp Gaming

When several of the giant poker sites were shut down on Black Friday, online players were not only shocked but dismayed over the fact that online poker sites would become few and far between. While many states are starting to rethink online gambling, a few experienced poker players said “enough” and just launched a poker site called FaceUp Gaming. A site not only created for players to actually communicate, see, and hear with each other; but the first subscription-based poker site of its kind. At FaceUp Gaming, you will have the unique opportunity to play with friends or other poker players no matter where you are. Moreover, FaceUp is neither a non-gambling site or a casino, but purely a place where you can freely play such games as Omana, Stud, Razz, and Texas Hold’Em.

How Do I Join FaceUp Gaming?

You have two options. You can try FaceUp Gaming for free as a guest, or you can subscribe to FaceUp for $19.95 a month and play Poker, Chess, and Backgammon. Moreover, as a member of FaceUp Gaming, you can also sign up for the league tournaments for $24.95 as part of the Gold membership and have a chance to win $150,000 in cash and prizes as well as $50,000 in their league tournaments. Be sure to read FaceUp Gaming’s tournament schedule, rules, terms, and conditions.

Promotions at Faceup Gaming

When you join FaceUp Gaming, you have access to some pretty special online poker prizes and promotions. These include:

  • Live Video and Audio Special Tournaments
  • Aruba Open Package – Date Specific
  • $5000 Cash Tournament – Date Specific
  • $10,000 WSOP Voucher and Cash Tournament – Date Specific
  • $2000 Cash Freeroll
  • Blue Shark Optic Sunglasses Tournament
  • A Variety of Leagues Available to Join (Five Pages Worth!)

Win Real Cash!

To win cash at Faceup Gaming, you can play in a variety of tournaments with no risk whatsoever. Simply enter the tournament with the points or play chips you receive depending upon your membership level. For example, when you become a member of FaceUp Gaming, you automatically start with 250 tournament points per day. Play chips are offered as winning prizes various tournaments. Be sure to read all about this very new Win Cash option. There is a lot to smile about when you become a member of this brand new online poker site!

Signup at Faceup Gaming

Complete the registration form available on Faceup’s signup page and you can start immediately. You can also sign up with your Facebook account as well. It doesn’t matter where you live, because FaceUp Gaming is open to just about everyone. If you’re unsure if you can play at FaceUp Gaming, access their eligible list of states and countries. Quite frankly, this is a very new and exciting poker site that just may catch on to provide online poker players the chance to play poker in a most natural setting. We salute FaceUp Gaming for one of the most original, creative, and innovative venue for our online poker players.