Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Online Casino has introduced an exciting new variation on the venerable Blackjack game. It's called Perfect Pairs, and it brings to the game a new bet, and a new way to win.

When you start the Perfect Pairs game, it will initially play like any other Blackjack game. Perfect Pairs, in fact, uses the standard Vegas Strip rules for the game, but with two small additions.

First, the Perfect Pairs game plays from an 4-deck shoe, instead of a 6-deck shoe, and, second, Perfect Pairs adds a bet: you can choose to place a "pair" bet on each hand you play. This bet is separate from your wager on that hand; once the hand is dealt, if you do not have a pair, the pair bet is removed from the table and play continues with the hand bet. If you do have a pair, the pair bet remains on the table, and is paid after the hand is finished. You can win the pair bet even if you lose the hand.

The pair bet offers three payouts. For a simple pair of cards, of different colors, the payout is 5 to 1; for a pair of the same color, the payout is 10 to 1, and for a "perfect pair," two cards of the same rank and suit, the payout is 30 to 1. Even a modest bet on the pairs can net a good win.

Overall, this game is a good choice for Blackjack players. The standard Blackjack rules are familiar, and the addition of the pair bet gives the game an added dimension and extra excitement.