Triple Triple Gold Slots

Liberty Slots casino's 3-reel video slot games are truly great entertainment. By combining the excitement of slot machine action with the possibility of real winnings, they've definitely hit the jackpot in pleasing the player. Triple Triple Gold is no exception to this rule. I would recommend this game, without hesitation, to any novice casino player. Triple Triple Gold is an excellent starting point to the world of online slots. For starters, the game is easy to play. There's only one payline to keep track of, and the paytables are conveniently located directly above the reels, so a player doesn't have to toggle back and forth between screens to interpret the results of a spin. There are several winning combinations, and a wild symbol which also multiply the jackpot. Once the game begins, there are no hang-ups with the software. The slots spin smoothly, and the winnings are counted out accurately. The sound effects are fun, and the graphics give a good simulation of a slot machine. During the game, though, is where the excitement really kicks in. Triple Triple Gold really does pay to play. While playing through 50 spins, I hit enough small jackpots to exactly break even; in other words, the game paid for itself. That's a good start for any slot game. This game is worth playing longer, though. The maximum jackpot, available to player who are willing to put three coins on every spin, is 15,000 coins; with coin sizes ranging from 10 cents to 10 dollars, that jackpot can range from $1500 to $150,000. With potential like that, Triple Triple Gold can really live up to its name.