Win Place or Show Slots

If you want to try for the big winnings of progressive jackpot slot games, but you’re not sure that you can afford the high stakes of $2 or $2.50 bets on every spin, Liberty Slots Casino has a game for you.

Win, Place, or Show is a race-themed progressive slot, with the small coin size of only $0.50. The small bet doesn’t keep the jackpot from growing however; at the time of this writing, Win, Place, or Show’s progressive jackpot stands at more than $9,500. Since the minimum bet to participate in the progressive win is only $1.50, this game is one of the best gamble’s on the Net, with a very high winning potential for a relatively small risk.

The game itself is fairly standard. Liberty Slots casino's progressive jackpot slot games are all 3-reel, traditional slots, with a single payline. Win, Place, or Show is no exception to this rule. Like the other progressives at Grand Vegas, the paytable is placed directly above the reels, so that the player can see it as he spins, know exactly what the results are.

The horse-race theme of the game adds to the casino ambience of slots. The jackpot combination is 3 gold winners’ cups; other combinations are 3 lucky horseshoes, or 3 lucky 7’s. Lucky 7’s will also pay out singly or in pairs on the payline. Because of that last feature, Win, Place, or Show is an excellent game to play if you are worried about the risk of gambling; there are enough small wins that you can break even much of the time.

All in all, this is a good game to try if you want to play a progressive jackpot, but don’t like the risks of casino gambling. Small coin sizes and large potential wins mean that you’ll always Win, Place, or Show.