Bonus Optimization: How to Maximize Your Slot Wins

Everyone can play a slot game. After all, there isn't much to them. You just put in some money, press the button and wait to see if you win. Easy right? Well, there are other factors at play when it comes to online slots. This game might be simple in the basic aspect, but some players seem to win massive amounts regularly, while others struggle to win period. That's because there are methods you can use to win on slot machines, and we're going to discuss some tips and tricks, along with how to optimize the slot bonuses.

Picking a Game With High RTP

As you probably know, many online gambling platforms offer welcome bonuses and free spins. These bonuses can be very helpful. Welcome bonuses will give you a boost on your deposit funds, and sometimes even include free spins. Reload bonuses can sometimes be claimed once a week, and many casinos offer weekly respins. Of course, these bonuses are entirely unhelpful if you don't apply them to games with great winning potential.

Before you even begin betting, locate the real money slots that come with a high return to player percentage. In the slot world, a high RTP is anything above 98%, while roughly 96% is considered average. An RTP ranges from 0 to 100%, though most slots offer an RTP percentage in the 90s. If a slot's RTP lands at 95%, it's considered a low to medium-performing slot. Meanwhile, if a slot's RTP is higher than 98%, you've selected a game where you should expect you'll win around 98% of your money back over time. Every provider offers different RTPs, so it's important to research your game beforehand. Use your favorite search engine and look for a list of casinos or providers that offer high RTP slot machines.

Low Volatility Slots

While researching games, look for slot machines with low volatility. If you choose to go with a low volatility slot, it means the game will pay out smaller prizes more often. High volatility slots pay out bigger prizes, but way less frequently. However, if you're looking for a low risk game, or a slot to play with a smaller bankroll, that's when you want to try a low-volatility slot.

Now, that doesn't mean high volatility slots should be completely shunned and are out of the question as an option. Obviously, some players might prefer bigger rewards. However, you should keep in mind there's high risk involved. Low volatility slots are more affordable, and it's not as disheartening as a high volatility slot. Long streaks of gambling without a single win can be stressful while on a budget.

Limits Matter

In the real world, we set boundaries. In the gambling world, we set limits. They're essentially the same in the way, and operate as a protection mechanism. Limits don't involve only money either. Limits involve time along with machine and gaming limits.

When you begin a gambling session, you want to set a time limit while playing. Slot machines are a vice, like food or drinking. Thus there is the potential of becoming addicted to them. Time can fly by quickly and you won't even be aware of it if you aren't careful. Save yourself from falling down this rabbit hole by setting a limit, either based on minutes or hours. Stop gambling when you've hit the time limit. Setting a notification on your phone or some sort of time might be best. Schedule dinner with a friend after your slots session, or some commitment that might require you to leave. You should even have a limit on winnings. It's another way to manage any behavior. For example, say you decide to play on a machine with $20, and your limit is $50. If you make $50 but haven't technically spent all of your original bankroll, just walk away and come back another day.

You should also set a limit when it comes to your money. This tip might almost be self explanatory, but some may feel the need to hear it. You should never spend more than you can afford to lose. Before you begin a slot session, set a budget. Do not go over that budget under any circumstances. If you're on a lucky streak, you're going to have to use all of your willpower and walk away before you break the bank or potentially lose all your winnings. It's ok to take a break, sometimes it's necessary. When it comes to online slot play, the tips aren't going to be as much strategy based as they are player smarter by having a basic knowledge about the machines themselves. These tips are actionable methods you can use to limit your losses.

Applying Casino Bonuses: Different Types

Online casinos are the hub of all things casino bonuses. Most in person casinos don't offer the same kind of bonuses online gambling platforms do. When you're playing online slots, it's crucial to take advantage of these bonuses. These bonuses won't guarantee you any wins, but they can prolong your gambling session, which can result in more wins. Many sites will offer numerous different bonuses, and all of them are great options to consider.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is for new players only. Most online gambling platforms offer a welcome bonus. This bonus is usable on your first deposit. Usually, you'll be able to match your deposit up to a certain percentage. This results in more funds for you to play games with. Welcome bonuses range from 50% to 300% at times, though many of them sit around 100%.

Free Spins

Free spins are given out in a few different ways. Many casinos will bundle free spins along with a standard welcome bonus, while some casinos award free spins separately. The amount of free spins can vary. Some casinos give out 10 free spins while others might give out 100 or even 200. It all depends on the platform. However, keep in mind free spins usually apply to either a certain game or a select number of games, so that's something to factor in.

No Deposit Bonus

This is perhaps the easiest bonus to snatch up. No deposit bonuses don't require you to make any sort of deposit whatsoever. You simply need to register for a casino, verify your account and then you can typically claim the no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are sometimes given out as cash, while other times they're just 10 or 20 free spins.

Every bonus I mentioned can be used to maximize your chances of landing wins while playing slots. However, these bonuses all come with limitations. Many bonuses are only usable on certain games, or come with unreasonable wagering requirements. That's why the terms and conditions of a slot are so important. However, if you find the perfect bonus that applies to the perfect game, you can prolong your gambling experience. You'll usually need to fulfill a wagering requirement. For example, a common wagering requirement is 40x. That means you need to play through the bonus 40x before you can withdraw winnings from it.

If there are numerous options when it comes to what slots apply to the bonus you are trying to collect, pick the game that has an ideal volatility and RTP. You should also pick a game that includes special features, such as scatters and wild symbols, stacked wilds, avalanche features, and twin reels.