Zar Casino

It depends where you live, but that is quite common at many online casinos. Zar Casino has one good reason for choosing that name. ZAR is the currency code for the South African rand. That currency is the one used at the casino, which has been developed for South Africans to use and enjoy.

With that in mind, let’s start exploring, shall we?

Software used at Zar Casino

The casino is famous for using the popular software package. That means you are going to get the opportunity to play all the games from this entertaining powerhouse.

Take your time to look around the casino lobby

There are lots of games there to play, thanks to the contributions made by Saucify, Genii, and Nucleus Gaming. You are bound to find lots of popular titles, along with many you probably haven’t seen before. Even before you sign up, many of their leading titles show up on the home page.

How can you sign up to use the casino?

Follow the signup link at the top of the home page and go through the easy steps that follow. You shouldn’t have any issues completing the process within a few moments, ready for you to start play.

Signup restrictions are strict

To begin with, the terms and conditions require that you live in a jurisdiction that allows online gambling to take place. However, further down that page, they go on to say only those who are resident in South Africa can open an account at the casino. Since the rand is the only available currency at the casino, we guess that makes sense.

You can only view all the games once you’ve signed up to play

You can see the various game categories at the bottom of any of the site pages, but that’s about it. You can see, however, that slots join other games such as video poker and table games such as blackjack and roulette, all ready for you to play.

Is this a good site for slots fans to join?

Yes, if you live in South Africa and you love playing slots, the Zar Casino is a good one to try. There are many titles on the home page, including Upper Crust Abbey, Tales of Time Travel, Big British Bake, and Perfect Date. You’ll find plenty more alongside those, too.

Try the most appealing games before you pay for them

Most casino games do offer a demo version, and if that is the case for the games that seem most appealing to you, it does give you a good way to get started.

What about playing games for real?

With dozens of great games to try, we suspect most players should find plenty that are ideal for their budget. Make sure you read through the paytable and try adjusting the bet amounts to see the largest and smallest coin values before you start, though. Remember that once you have placed a real bet, you are committed to it.

How often do new slot game releases appear at this casino?

More than you’d imagine, but this isn’t a single provider of casino games. With several names involved, this improves the chances of seeing new additions to their collection more regularly. There may not be a new title every time you visit the site, but it should bring you some new games quite often.

Do they get top marks for their promotions?

Only you can figure this out, but we think they’ve done well to give players the chance to get off to a great start and go way beyond that too.

Firstly, you can claim a 200% bonus on your first deposit with the ZARWELCOME bonus code. There are 100 free spins on offer too in exchange for the ZARGAME bonus coupon. We also spotted deals for Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and for the weekend (the latter has Budget Boosters on offer). Also available is an any-day deal, which is as good as it sounds. Look out for news releases covering other seasonal promotions as well.

Tournaments might appear in the news area

You can read through the headlines in this area at the bottom of the casino. You can never be certain of what you’ll find there, but you do get the chance to spot the occasional event that is open for members of the casino to participate in.

No sign of any winners being promoted on the site

Some casinos rarely share news of big winners. Others might only share news of smaller ones. Some don’t share any at all, and it looks as if this casino falls into the latter category.

Does Zar Casino have any rewards to share?

We could find no information on this without digging… and we only read about the loyalty program and loyalty points once we got almost to the end of the Ts and Cs page. That is quite some distance to go, but you should expect to earn loyalty points whenever you make real bets on their available games.

Any downloads to think about?

No, there isn’t a download to complete at Zar Casino – just head for the instant play games to get started. If you are visiting using a tablet or smartphone, you can easily try their games on those devices instead. There are no apps to get hold of or update.

You cannot play any of their games without registration

It doesn’t take long to complete that step though, at which point you can progress to try some of the many games that are waiting for you at the casino. And boy, there are plenty to choose from.

This is an instant play casino

The casino offers superb access to all its available games, with no downloads needed to access them. You can try the instant play games on all devices, too, as we’ve already learned.

What about the possibility to become an affiliate for the casino?

Graphite Affiliates provides further details of the affiliate program you could sign up to if you feel up to it. They provide a superb revenue share for the first month, with competitive returns on offer following that.

Sporting services and betting options

You can bet on all the casino games you like, but you won’t be able to wager on any of the popular sports around today. With no sportsbook or racebook present here, it’s casino games or nothing at Zar Casino.

Anything resembling a blog or a forum at Zar Casino?

No, but we did see a large news section at the bottom of the site. This is good to see because there are plenty of links that go through to specific news pages. There is no blog though, and certainly no forum.

Live dealer games aren’t yet included

That could always change, but live dealers aren’t part of the action there just yet.

Depositing into your Zar Casino account

It looks as if you can use credit cards or Bitcoin to make a deposit.

What about making a withdrawal?

A direct transfer to your bank is possible, as is a Bitcoin withdrawal. That makes Bitcoin the best way to use this casino in our opinion.

Anything else you should know about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin fans are likely to be happy when they use the casino because this is one of a few methods that can be used to bank there. It is likely to be thought of as a Bitcoin casino, given the research we’ve done.

Help is available via live chat

And that makes finding any answers to queries way faster and easier than it could otherwise be. The info section at the bottom of the site provides plenty more useful links too, so it tells you a lot about how good the casino is to use. They also have a phone number and an email address you could use if you prefer.