Chinese Kitchen

One of the most colorful slot games we've reviewed, Chinese Kitchen Slots is very easy to play. The slot machine itself is not the traditional type of slot given its format, but it certainly is loads of fun. If you are a penny slot player or new to online slots, downloading and playing Chinese Kitchen Slots starts you off in the right direction and, by the way, will certainly whet your appetite for slot play.

With Six You Get Eggroll

A 3-reel, 8-payline video slot, Chinese Kitchen Slots has a jackpot of 1000 coins. The coin size ranges from 1¢ to $5, with a maximum bet of $120. There are eleven winning combinations, and we recommend you read the paytable to view all the symbols and their respective payouts. This is a straightforward slot game with no bonus features. However, the sounds are fun and the steam emanating from the pots boiling lends a realism to this slot game.

Chinese Food To Go

The symbols in Chinese Kitchen Slots are very realistic, and the happy chef will see to it that your order is fresh, hot, and ready to go. The symbols reflect the cuisine and include: Starfish, Duck, Octopus, Frog, Caterpillar, Crab, Fish, Snail, and Turtle. While some of these dishes may not be that appealing, the payouts will be when these symbols appear in winning combinations.

With Three You Win the Jackpot!

If the Turtle symbol appears three times, you can win 1000 times your bet! Turtle Soup anyone?