Evolution Slots

A brand new video slot called Evolution has just been released by Net Entertainment. With spectacular graphics, Evolution takes you back to the beginning of time where new forms of life were created and the evolutionary ladder began. Along with its obvious theme, the scene is set underwater; and with sounds and overall game play that will no doubt hold great appeal to all slot enthusiasts.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 25-payline bonus video slot, you can win up to 44,000 coins playing Evolution Slots. The coin denominations start at 1¢ and go up to 50¢, with a max bet of $125 per spin. Just as this slot reflects the evolution of life forms, you will be able to climb the evolutionary ladder of success as you play the bonus features. Read the pay table as it will explain the symbols' payouts and bonus features.

Life Begins with Primitive Creatures

The symbols in Evolution Slots embody its theme and include: Draconius Rex, Basilisk Pluma, Basilisk Hairicus, Bestla Dentum, Albus Siugus, and cards Ace through Ten (all appearing in the form of a myriad of cells). There is also a Wild symbol, appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4 only and substitutes for all symbols except the Free Spins Scatter symbol. The Free Spins symbol is the scatter symbol and when you get three or more, you will trigger the free spins bonus round. Three Free Spins symbols will win you 10 free spins; four free spins symbols will award you 15 free spins, and five of these symbols will garner you 20 free spins.

Evolution Feature

The Evolution feature allows you to climb up the symbol scale where you will have a chance to win bigger payouts. When you get a winning symbol combination in the Free Spins round, the Evolution feature will be activated. After a payout is made on any winning combination, all symbols in that combination and all identical symbols will evolve to the next level.

What a Win!

When I got to the free spins round, one spin yielded me 13,000 coins, with the next winning me 4000 coins. In all, the free spins round, in which I was awarded 10 free spins, gave me a total of 24,070 coins. This was a very unique and exciting free spins round that took place on a second screen, where the graphics were even more stunning. I highly recommend that you bet the max in order to take full advantage of the payouts and vying for the 44,000-coin payout. But considering my win of more than half that amount, in my opinion this will become one of the more popular slots among out players.