Fame and Fortune Slots

Fame and Fortune Slots

Sometimes it's good to play an online slots game that has a fairly standard appearance. In a sense you know what you're going to get. That's one element of the appeal of Fame and Fortune slots. We've played the game so you can find out more before you decide whether to play for some real prizes.

How many reels and paylines does Fame and Fortune have?

This slots game features five reels and it also has 20 paylines. As such it is good for players with all sizes of budgets.

What are your minimum and maximum bet amounts?

The smallest bet amount here is just 0.01. You can also go all the way up to 5.00 per spin if you wish. It's only possible to play one coin of your chosen value per enabled payline though.

Are there any special symbols in Fame and Fortune?

Yes, the substitute symbol is a glamour girl, appropriate for the title of the game. It's worth watching for the Hollywood sign too since this triggers the highest payout when you get five of them.

The fame and fortune symbols are also good to watch out for. They have limited positions on the reels but the idea is to get the Fame symbol on the first reel and to line up the Fortune symbol on the final reel. Do this at the same time in one spin and you can get 10 free spins as a result.

Does the game have a bonus round?

Not as such, which is a shame. However there are many other bonus features within the game as we have seen already. For example look for diamonds since these represent the scatter symbol. Three or more of these mean you get more free spins.

Download and play Fame and Fortune slots today!

While there is no bonus game here there are several ways you can trigger some free spins. With the chance to maximize your wins from these instances you can really get some great outcomes when playing Fame and Fortune. For example you can multiply your wins depending on how much you bet on that spin to begin with.

As such we'd recommend you take a closer look at Fame and Fortune slots. It could turn out to be a good winner for you if you line up the right symbols.