Fearless Frederick Slots

If there is any life lesson to take away from the new, anime inspired video slot from Micrograming, this is it: When it comes to saving the world, take it one spin at a time. Fearless Frederick is the modern superhero; happy go luck but sensitive; a one woman man and a man of the world; looks hot in a body suit and but doesn’t flaunt his stuff. While he is busy wooing his lovely girlfriend he must simultaneously protect Mother Earth from the slings and arrows of intergalactic battle as his enemies fling meteors, UFOs and whatever else they can find at him. Luck for him, and all Earthlings, Frederick is well equipped with the tools and skills of his superhero trade to keep us all safe. Download 32Red Casino now for a taste of what it means to save the world and fly with Fearless Frederick as he battles evil.

Fearless Frederick is Focused on Winning; You Should be Too

One impressive aspect of Fearless Frederick, the superhero, is that he is focused on the task at hand, in this case, saving the world - he does not get distracted with any superfluous actions. This mentality is beautifully reflected in the simplicity of the game, where you can take his lead and focus on the best way to get the job done. That means perseverance and hard work. In other words, it’s not how big the bicep; it’s how many times you punch the bad guy in the face. It’s the same way with this slot; it’s less important how big your coin size you spin and more important to maximize all of the 30 paylines to increase your chances of spinning the winning combination. Slow and steady will beat the bad guys every time and will win you the big bucks over the long haul.

Super Tips for a Future Superhero

Frederick’s headshot acts as the Substitute (as if anything could substitute for the real thing) and his buff torso as the Scatter. Spin 5 substitutes and you stand to win up to 7000 coins. That’s a lot of cash and more than enough to live like a superhero if not actually become one. Alternatively, spin 5 of Frederick’s dainty damsels in distress, and you’re looking at 2000 coins plus a hero’s welcome later that night, if you know what I mean. Three or more Scatter symbols triggers the Fearless Frederick Feature into gear where you get to experience first hand the true meaning of being an action hero; where you can choose one of three heroic dead for Frederick to perform.

Gotham or Metropolis; Where You Fight Crime Makes all the Difference

Don’t think that Superman or Batman were not creatures of their environment. In the same way, you need a casino that fosters excitement and bravery. 32 Red Online Casino will no doubt inspire you to be the best superhero you can, with their 5,000 credit sign up Mega Bonus and Guaranteed Slots Tournaments, you’ll be on your way to saving the world, one spin at a time.