PokerStars Goes Social on Facebook

It's taken a while but PokerStars have finally teamed up with Facebook to offer up a fun money application that is linked to the client. Sadly no new players are allowed to join at the moment as the app has reached its player limits, but this should be amended soon. The app is still in its beta phase so we expect a few changes but it will remain as a play money game, however players may use real money to purchase more chips and items from the store. To start with all players are given 1,000 chips and as they play they may earn more by either winning hands or getting bonuses, completing challenges and reaching achievements. All challenges are classed on the site as specific sets of tasks and achievements are in game accomplishments, however Stars does not really explain the difference between the two. What we do know at this stage is that all of these challenges and achievements are presented to the player by the PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree. There are also experience points up for grabs and these are given for participating in hands helping players move on up the ladder. Whenever a player falls below the 100 chip mark they have the option to reset their chip level to 1,000, and although this is a play money game players may still purchase chips for real money should they wish.

Shared Tournaments and More

As with other social poker games, small trinkets may be purchased and serve purely as decoration, having no impact on the game whatsoever and these may be bought with real money with a limited amount available to buy with play chips. Unless the items purchased are bought with gold coins then they will only last for the duration of the players session. Gold coins are a virtual currency and can be won by completing challenges and achievements. There is a slight twist with the Stars Facebook app however in that it is linked to players regular account. Should you already have a Stars account then the log in details can be used to access the Facebook app and play money chips are shared within both accounts. Traffic is also merged across both platforms which means that a player on the .net client may be playing in the same tournament as a player using the Facebook app. Ring games are also merged and there you will find Holden and Omaha games on offer.