At Sunshine Slots, we provide comprehensive information about online casinos , games, software, payment methods , and customer support. However, we are always mindful that there are individuals who may suffer from a gambling problem.

As we begin a new year and a new decade, we would like to give credit to an organization called GamCare . Who are they? Well, they provide counseling and support, advice and help to individuals and families of individuals who have a gambling problem. GamCare utilizes specific strategies in understanding how gambling impacts society; offers a more responsible approach to gambling; and assists those who have been affected by gambling in an adverse way.

GamCare is a support facility, based in the UK, and provides a national telephone and online "hotline" available to anyone who has a gambling problem. They also provide one-on-one counseling free to anyone who needs this service. More importantly, GamCare is not a watch-dog group but, rather, a registered charity who seeks to ensure that all gambling is conducted legally and responsibly by gambling operators. All proceeds obtained by GamCare are used to fund the support services of GamCare.

Sunshine Slots applauds GamCare for taking on this endeavor and supports their efforts to ensure that individuals, as well as operators, understand the social impact gambling may have on individuals who may have a problem but are unaware or unwilling to recognize it.