Goldbeard Slots

Everyone loves a slots game where you have the maximum chance of winning, and Goldbeard slots offers exactly that. With five reels and twenty paylines, plus a progressive jackpot which every wager gets a shot at, at the end of the game, you could well be in for the big bucks that Goldbeard the Pirate has on offer.

Goldbeard's treasure has been hidden in chests under the sea, but the slots game itself is located on the beach. This means you must land certain combinations to get into the sea and unlock the chests. All the player needs to do to try them out is download video slots software for Goldbeard Slots, create and account and start spinning. Just try not to get too distracted from your strategy, by the exciting graphics and music played throughout each game. Download and play Goldbeard Slots at our favorite RTG Silver Oak Casino.

Don't Play Blind; Lift Your Eye-patch

Betting on lines that you think will win or saving your money for as long as possible are not the best strategies for winning big; they've been tried and tested. The techniques that do pay out, however, are ones that are bold and do not change depending on what you just spun, or won.

Goldbeard slots has 20 paylines so you won't want to be betting large amounts of money on every line and on every go, or you'll run out straight away. Instead, creep in slowly with your first two spins at $1 or $2 on all 20, and then on the third or fourth go raise the stakes right up to $10 or even $20. You may not win on the first go, but studies have shown that as far as probability goes, this is the most reliable way to win big.

Goldbeard the Pirate's face is the wild symbol in this game, so keep a look out for him in reels one and five. He will replace any symbol that you need to make a winning combination, and if he does then he'll also double your winnings. Get Goldbeard in reels one and five at the same time and you'll enter the bonus round. The Pirate ship is also important in this game as if you get five in a row you'll hit the maximum jackpot of 5,000 coins!

Goldbeard Slots' scatter symbol is the gold coin and if you get two or more of these on any reel and on any row you'll win prizes of free spins.

Landing the Bearded Bonus Round

As you've just read, the scatter gold coin symbol activates free spins when you get two or more on the screen and this is the game's bonus round. You could win any number of free spins from two or four right up to 24 and when those are being played Goldbeard's face (the wild symbol) can also be activated in reel number three, making it all the more possible to achieve those high-paying combinations!

Finding Out He's Not So Bad After All

Pirates aren't as elusive as you might think, and Goldbeard can always be found lurking online. He's not so bad, as he's eager to share his winnings with his players, who just need to sign up and make an account, make a deposit of however much they want to play with (this could be $0 to start off with, if you want to get used to the game and play with play money first) and download video slots software for this particular game.