Learn How to Participate in Tournament with Golden Casino's Video Tutorial

If you are intent on entering any of Casino's tournaments, then you are in luck because them has a featured Video Tutorial on just how easy it is to play at any one of their listed tournaments.

Video Tutorials Can Be An Extremely Useful Tool For New US Players

When you visit casino website, click on Tournaments. At the right side of the page is a Video Tutorial. Click to play the video and it will outline, step by step, how to enter the tournament, provide the listed tournaments in the lobby, and the tournament details as well.

After showing you how to select a tournament and enter, the video tutorial displays a one of the slot games you will be playing in the tournament. In this case, it is 5-Reel Wheel of Chance. The video shows you how to play the slot game and luckily, it hits the winning combination that activates the bonus round. Here you can see how the Wheel of Chance really works! After the game play is over, the video shows you how to find your name and winnings on the tournament details list.

This detailed video is a welcome addition to casino promos offer. It not only gives you step by step instructions on how to select a tournament but how to enter as well. The icing on the cake is that the tutorial shows you the tournament game and how to utilize the betting buttons as well.