Megasaur Slots

Real Time Gaming has released a brand new slot that will reduce their dinosaur slots to minions. Megasaur Slots is massive, both in the size of these mega-monsters and the jackpot value of the slot game. Encompassing not one, but two Megasaurs, this slot game has multiple bonus features and some pretty wild goings-on that will keep your heart racing as you play.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 25-payline bonus video slot, the coin sizes allow you to fully enjoy this game without worrying about your budget. Moreover, there is a Megasarus Jackpot that will blow you away, and just so you know you can't lose playing this game, there is the poplar Feature Guarantee.

Welcome to the World of Megasaurs!

The symbols in this game are nothing short of amazing. True to life, there are two Megasaurs that play a significant role in this slot game: The Green Megasaur and the Red Megasaur. Together, they form a group wild. When they appear in this form, they devour other dinosaurs appearing on the reels and replace them as well. In addition, there is the Volcano symbol acting as the scatter symbol and can award up to 50 massive free spins. To win the Megasaur Jackpot, all five Volcano symbols must appear at the beginning of the Megasaur Feature. While there are other symbols in Megasaur slots (including cards and other pre-historic animals), it is the Megasaurs and the Volcano that will provide a rich and rewarding outcome.

Win-Win Feature

As you know, many online slots use the Feature Guarantee. This is especially important for several reasons. Let's say you do not win any payouts during the free spin rounds. The Win-Win feature will guarantee that you are awarded up to 250xs your bet if you go over 250 spins without a win. The Feature guarantee will kick in when there are 25 spins remaining. A winning combo is set between 6 and 50 free games. Look at the Feature Meter, as this will determine when this feature will actually kick in. Just click on Play on the Instant Trigger Chance to enter the Trigger Screen. If you choose to use this feature, a wheel will spin and land on either a red or green slot. The number of either color will give you opportunity to enter the Trigger Chance. Thus, you can activate the Win-Win Bonus feature at the end of the Megasaur feature of the total amount of free games won totals ten times your trigger bet or less.

How to Win the Win-Win Feature

If there is no win during the free spins round, you will be awarded 250xs your bet. If you win more than zero and less than 2 times your bet, an award of 5 to 250xs your bet will be given. If you win more than 2 times your bet and less than 5 times your bet, you will be awarded 3 to 250 times your bet. If you win more than 5 times your bet and less than 10 times your bet, the award will be from 2 to 250 times your bet. You can't lose!

The Megasaur Feature

Get three or more Volcanoes, and you will trigger the Megasaur Feature. Here you will be asked to choose Volcanoes, each of which holds up to 10 free spins. When a Green Megasaur appears on reel 2 during the free spins round; watch as he gobbles up all other dinosaurs and replaces them. If the Red Megasaur appears on reel 4 during the free spins round, he too will devour all other dinosaurs and replace them as well. Payouts are doubled during this round. Note, however, if both the Red and Green Megasaur appear together on one spin, the Red Megasaur will activate additional free spins.

Play the New Megasaur Slots

In the world of dinosaur theme-based slots, anything goes. Needless to say, Megasaur Slots has taken this concept to the nth degree. Undoubtedly, playing Megasaur Slots will guarantee a win for you regardless of how much you bet. But as always, read the pay table so that you are aware of all the possibilities of winning in this slot game. And you will win!