Best Casino Games to Play in Australia

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Aussies love to gamble, that's a fact. They even have their own name for slots! Most players from down under would refer to slots as pokies and no, it has nothing to do with video poker. However, aside from pokies Aussies also love roulette, and card games. Overall, this is a culture that has a fine appreciation for online casinos, and casinos in general, and I'm going to list some of the most popular casino games in Australia in this article.

1. Pokies

Pokies are probably the most popular game in online gambling for Australians. They're so popular they even earned their now nickname - while his same game is called a slot machine anywhere else, Australians renamed slots pokies because the online slot machines were usually played beside online poker machines. Nonetheless, the term stuck. Australian players can enjoy jackpot pokies, classic pokies and pokies with tons of special features. Pokies can come in so many different flavors thanks to the diverse theme selection! There are plenty of Australian software developers who put out pokies that cover a range of different themes.

2. Blackjack

Australia has its very own variation of blackjack. If you're going to play Australian blackjack, it's important for you to know the Australian variation of this game has different rules than the blackjack of other countries, and will impact the house edge. Every Australian online casino has multiple blackjack variations, usually more in Australia than you'll ever find somewhere like America. They host a lot of rival Blackjack! Most blackjack games in Australia prevent the dealer from taking a hole card. Because there is a chance you might hit on soft 17, the house edge for blackjack is increased by 0.22 percent. Remember, every version of blackjack has its own rules so research your variant before making any big bets.

3. Poker

Poker is popular in pretty much any country, and might be the most famous casino game around period. It's no surprise that Australian online casinos have made efforts to ensure their players have a plethora of exciting poker options to choose from. Australia doesn't differ too much from everywhere else, Texas Hold Em is still the most popular variant even somewhere far, far away from Texas itself. They host bag top bonuses, and free rolls.

4. Roulette

Australians love roulette as much as the rest of the world, and there are multiple variations of roulette available to play at Australia's top online casinos. Australians may not have their own version of roulette, but they still appreciate roulette games nonetheless. They have American Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette, Speed Roulette and Multi-Wheel Roulette. Like other games, every variant of roulette is different.

When it comes to Australian casinos, I consider poker, roulette, pokies and blackjack the four most important games. However, there are other types of online gambling to try out as well. Most Aussie casinos host games like baccarat, bingo, craps, specialty games and keno. Keep in mind, it's important to find a compatible online casino that accepts Australian players.