Max Bet Protection at BitStarz

One of the many aspects of betting over the max bet limit imposed by online casinos is that your money is protected. BitStarz has just announced they are implementing an automatic protection from players who bet over the max limit. This will allow players to adhere to the bonus terms imposed by the online casino. While the terms and conditions are always part of a promotion or bonus, this new max bet limit will prevent players from abusing the privilege. When online casinos, for example, offer a special bonus with a max limit attached to it, it is incumbent upon the players to adhere to the terms and conditions of said bonus. Thus, players have requested that the online casino come up with a max protection limit so that they can stay within the limits of the promotions. We applaud BitStarz for listening to their members and for initiating this max bet protection on their behalf. BitStarz Casino is well known for its more than 800 casino games, as well as for its speedy delivery of payouts.