The New Café Casino Offers Great Rewards

Since Café Casino was launched recently, the word has spread that they offer some fabulous rewards for its new players. It is their Rewards Program that is attracting US players to its site. When you sign up, you are an automatic member of this program and, as such, you can receive hefty weekly bonuses, draws for cash prizes, cash backs, and refer-a-friend bonuses as well.

Weekly Bonuses

Café Casino offers bonuses from 250% to 315% every week. In addition, each time you earn ten rewards points, you will be entered into the $4000 prize draw. You will also get a 10% cash back reward on deposits made daily. If you want to become a VIP member of Café Casino, all you need is 50,000 reward points. This will also give VIPs an additional $1000 to the weekly draw. Also included are a 15% cash back, a birthday bonus, and more.

Join the New Café Casino

Besides the Welcome Bonus and other Promotions, Café Casino’s Rewards Program is one of the best online. So join Café Casino and enjoy all the perks available to you.