Bovada Boxing

Bovada online has a passion for boxing! Do you ever wish you could punch someone in the face to solve a problem? All kidding aside, while I don't recommend violence, many of us have buried warrior instincts lurking in our DNA. In this modern day and age we are rarely allowed to express them, that's why the popularity of hedonistic and sometimes extreme sports don't surprise me. Many of us are pacifists, and would never participate in a fight, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to watch professional athletes duke it out for prizes and wealth beyond our wildest dreams! There's something fascinating about seeing two men rely solely on their physical strength and intelligence in a battle. Back in the day, we had sword fighting, but in this modern day and age, we have boxing.

Boxing Moneyline Odds

You need to place bets on boxing lines, such as the money line. When you do that, you're betting on which fighter you think would win. Even folks who couldn't care less about boxing probably remember when Floyd Mayweather Jr fought Logan Paul, an infamous YouTube star who evidently thought highly of his boxing skills. Well, the money line had Floyd highly favored at -1400. This means because the odds were so stacked in favor of Floyd Mayweather Jr, a bettor needs to wager $1,400 to win $100. Logan Paul was the underdog, and rightfully so as you'd have to be insane to think he would win that matchup, so his odds are +750. If for some reason Logan Paul won, a bet of $100 would win you $750.

So the more unlikely it is for a player to win, the more money you'll earn by betting on them. If it's less likely a player will win, it'll take a much higher bet to win any money whatsoever. When the odds are listed, if the number has a + sign, it means you need to be a hundred to win that amount, if there is a minus sign, you bet that amount to win 100. Obviously, there was no way in hell Logan Paul was going to meet Floyd Mayweather Jr, but I thought it would be a fun match to use to explain how betting on money lines works in boxing.

Boxing Total Odds

Bovada's job is to report boxing odds, but they also have total bets available, also known as "over/under" online. For example, you'll be allowed the option to bet on how many rounds a match will list.

Boxing Method of Victory Odds

Method of Victory betting at Bovada allows players to place bets on how the match will end. For example, you can bet on the round ending with a knockout, where one of the players is rendered unconscious, or a TKO (which is known as a technical knockout)

Boxing Fight Length Odds

You can also bet on the length of the fight. Usually, boxers fight for about twelve rounds, but sometimes certain factors, like heavyweight players are known for their knockouts, might end the round quickly. Players who spend their match tip-toeing around punches usually keep the matches going for a longer period of time.

Tips and Tricks

Gambling on boxing can be tricky because so many factors are involved, but if you really take the time to study up on a fighter's style, and history, and do your homework, you could walk away with a nice chunk of money. If you're already a fan of boxing and know all there is to know about the game, transitioning into betting on fights at Bovada should be a piece of cake. It's important to study both fighters before placing a real money wager! Obviously, luck is still a factor in everything, but knowledge sure can help!