Risk Free Jackpot Promotion

Right now the outstanding Bovada Casino is offering every single one of its players the chance to hit the biggest progressive jackpot in the online casinos history....and get rewarded for trying! Fantastic games on the progressive network include Shopping Spree and Mid Life Crisis and your invitation to this awesome offer tells you to, " take a spin on the Slot games Shopping Spree or Mid-Life Crisis for a chance to walk away with over $1.5 Million in cash. To help you spin into the jackpot action, we'll give you a $10 Risk-Free Shot to hit this massive pot.” Now that is one very tempting offer. All you need to do is to play either Shopping Spree slots or Mid Life Crisis slots right now to be in with a shot at hitting in the jackpot and if you don't then Bovada will give you $10 absolutely free just for giving it a go. Remember that you must play one or the other slot before the promotion deadline at the end of May. The jackpot at the moment is so big that whoever hits it will make Bovada Casino history. All players who meet the criteria will be notified via email and the cash will automatically be deposited into their Bovada accounts.

Both of these slots on the progressive jackpot network are simply awesome. Shopping Spree, though maybe with a theme that the ladies will enjoy more sees a glammed up woman take to the shops to live out her shopping dreams. The shopping list does not contain everyday items and she's off to get her hands on perfume, pearls, shoes and diamond rings and this lady is intent on spending some serious cash. Mid Life Crisis on the other hand is a fun slot that Bovada's male players may enjoy a little more as the symbols all show images of items that we all aspire to having, with yachts, sports cars and stacks of cash. However there is a downside to chasing that wealth as time catches up with all of us and you need to watch your health! Both are fun slots to enjoy and along with the chance of hitting that huge progressive jackpot you'll also have a great time. What a great promotion to kick off the summer, and who knows, should you hit that jackpot your summer could continue for a very long time!