Crashout Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Crashout Casino is quite the platform. Almost instantly I was drawn in by the dark and seductive interface, featuring some sort of classical art of the Greek god Zeus and a promise to reward you with free spins when you sign up. The platform is straightforward, and uses a menu located on the left side to organize all of the features of this platform. They seem to host daily raffles you can participate in and they have a large collection of games, divided into numerous categories. It's easy to fall in love with their selection of table games and live games, their lottery options and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

New Bonuses

Crashout Casino has a new Daily Rewards program. You can claim these rewards every 24 hours on the marked 'Rewards' page. Each time you claim a Daily Reward, you'll receive 1 hour of a 50% boost on RakeBack. So if you bet $100 in a game, you'll receive $0.45 back thanks to the RakeBack Boost. This is great news for high rolling table game lovers!

The RakeBack is awarded based on the house edge. Crashout offers a 10% Rakeback on all bets made, and those bets can be claimed every thirty minutes on the rewards page. When you claim Rakeback, 50% of the amount is credited back immediately, while the other 50% is given out over the next three days. RankUp CashPrize are rewards that are given when the user reaches a certain amount of total wagers made. As you climb up through their various ranks, your rewards will get better and better. When you claim your Rank-Up Bonus, you'll initially receive 20% of the reward, which is credited to the users balance. After that, the rest of the bonus will be given out slowly over the next 21 days.

There is also a Weekly Bonus! This is a personalized bonus that is awarded depending on how active you actually are on Crashout. If you're a high ranking member, you'll be able to enjoy a nice weekly bonus. The way the bonus is awarded is similar to the previous bonus I just mentioned, where you'll receive 20% of it right away, and the 80% that is left will be given out over the next seven days.

There is a RakeBack Boost you can claim, too. You can claim RakeBack Boosts for nabbing specific bonuses. If you claim the weekly bonus, you'll get a 50% rakeback boost for an hour and the same thing occurs if you claim the Cash Prize Bonus or the Daily Rewards.

Is Crashout Casino an Instant Play Casino?

Crashout Casino is an instant play platform. It doesn't require any download to access this casino, you just need a web browser and the internet.

What are the Categories of Games at Crashout Casino?

Their game categories are classified as Slots, Crash, Plinko, Limbo, Live Games, Table Games, Casual Games, Lottery Games, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.