Leap Frog onto the New Lilly’s Pad Slots

Arrow' Edge has just launched a new slot game entitled Lilly's Pad Slots . With a beautiful pond as a background, Lilly's Pad Slots is engaging, lucrative, and loads of fun to play. With a myriad of pond natives to dazzle the screen as well as offer huge payouts, you will be hard pressed to find a game in this genre.

Game Facts

Lilly's Pad Slots is a 5-reel, 18-payline progressive bonus video slot. There are two progressive jackpots in this game: Cash Grab and Super Slots. The first jackpot can be won when it hits $10,000, and the super jackpot can be won when it reaches $45,000. The coin sizes vary up to $10, with a max bet of $180. Be sure to read the payable as it contains all the information you need to truly become successful in this slot game.

All Creatures Great and Small

The symbols in Lilly's Pad Slots include: colorful frogs, turtles, a happy crocodile, lizards, herons, and dragonflies. The Dragonfly is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols to form winning combinations. Note that before every spin, one of three patterns will automatically be chosen and the wild symbol will occupy those positions. The Frog is the bonus symbol and will trigger the bonus round. There are also card symbols in this game as well.

The Bonus Round

With the Frog as the bonus symbol, get three or more on the reels and the bonus round will be activated. Here you will be shown a new screen with 12 lilies, with each representing a prize amount. You will be asked to choose a lily; however, unlike other bonus rounds you will not be shown the prize until the end of the round. Thus, you have to continue to choose up to seven more rounds and pick a certain amount of lilies. Each pick then reveals the prize amount and you can choose whether or note to take the prize or go on to the next round. Lilly's Pad Slots' bonus round may remind you a little of Wheel of Chance in that there are 12 frogs on lily pads. To the right are prize amounts from $200 to $20,000. With each pick you make, one of the prize amounts will be crossed out. So choose your lily pads wisely.

Play Lilly's Pad Slots Available for PC and Mobile Play

Lilly's Pad Slots is also available for mobile play. Thus, we invite you to play this new and exciting game either on your PC or mobile device at our recommended casinos.