Poke The Guy

Microgaming has introduced a new brand of slot games that have been called “silly fun.” As king of all slots, I supposed they have earned the right to do so. To this end, we are relaying the news that Poke the Guy is their newest entry in to the world of whacky characters, animations, interactive play, and cartoonish colors. The game consists of trying to take down the Guy, who is a giant monster wreaking havoc in the city. Players can choose from a myriad of weapons – well, a yellow rubber duck and a lethal piranha could be considered weapons. Each of these weapons corresponds to a specific value. Guess how you can use these weapons: With an electrified slingshot of all things. When you Poke the Guy, you will earn a random payout and the opportunity to win up to 500xs your bet. This game has also been optimized for mobile players as well. It seems only fair that everyone gets into the act. If you enjoy playing games that allow you to interact with the characters as well as offering a multiplier up to 500xs your bet, this is the game for you. Moreover, this is a new type of game that you should at least try to play at our recommended casinos.