NoLimitCoins Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

NoLimitCoins Casino

Sweepstakes Casino are different from regular casinos. If you've never played at a sweepstakes casino before there are some basic fundamental things you have to know. You cannot play games with real money. So in that way, it's not technically regarded as online gambling. NoLimit Casino exists in this space. There are two different virtual currencies to choose from, and those currencies are gold and super coins. There is also an in-app currency you can use to play games for entertainment if that's your preference. The games at Sweepstakes Casinos don't differ much from regular casinos. They have slots and jackpot style games, they also offer fish games. You can play these games without investing any real money into them. There are also Super Coins, which can be used in any game. You earn winnings instead of super coins for playing, and the winnings can be exchanged for real money if you've matched the minimum limit requirement. Gold coins are purchasable as well, and for every gold coin package you purchase, you receive super coins.

It might be a little confusing if you're new to sweepstakes casinos, but I promise NoLimitCoins knows what they're doing. They can guide you through using this platform, and they're wholly transparent about it.

DoesNoLimitCoins Casino Offer a No Deposit Bonus Code or is it a Secret?

NoLimit Coins has not only one, but two no deposit bonuses! However, no code is required for claiming these promotions. The first no deposit bonus is 100,000 gold coins, which are credited to your account as soon as you sign up. You can use these Gold Coins to play games for fun. However. You cannot redeem gold coins for anything, which is a typical feature of a sweepstakes casino. After you verify your account and submit any necessary documentation to fully register, and your verification is approved by the casino, you'll be credited with 1,000 super coins. These coins can be redeemed for real money!

New Bonuses

NoLimitCoins casino has a welcome offer for newbies who just signed up for this amazing casino as well. After you've claimed the no deposit bonuses, you can claim a 33% first purchase bonus. If you purchase a gold coin package, you will get $39 worth of coins for the low price of $29.50. This will give you a total of 885,000 GC and 3,9000 super coins! If you earn enough winnings from this welcome offer, you'll be able to redeem it for cash prizes, and there are no additional wagering requirements attached to this offer.

Apart from the welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses, there are other ways to indulge in some sweepstakes casinos promotions. There is an email prize draw for one. This promotion rewards players with 25,000 gold coins. Just go to the promotional package and click on the promo banner. You'll receive an email with a specific question, and you have to answer the question. If you answer it correctly, you'll receive 25,000 gold coins! This promotion was immensely creative and virtually unheard of in my books, so I thought this offer was pretty neat. The creative coin giveaways don't end there either. There is a Lucky Wheel that can be spun twice daily for the chance to win up to 250k gold coins and 200 super coins.

Is NoLimit Casino an Instant Play Casino?

Yes, this is an instant play platform! Just use a web browser and pull up this attractive, easy to use interface.

What are the Categories of Games at NoLimit Casino?

Slots, jackpots, fish games.