Playtech Launch Double Attack Blackjack

Playtech are taking doubling down in Blackjack to another level. Double Attack Blackjack is played with a slightly different deck and it's a little exciting to say the least. The game is not complicated to learn and offers a great variation on the many that are available at the moment. Double Attack Blackjack is played with a Spanish deck that means all of the ten cards have been removed leaving just the 48 cards instead of the traditional 52. So, let's take a look at the rules and an additional side bet that's on offer that really does give this game a different kick to it. The player places their initial bet and at this stage only the dealer receives their card. The dealer takes just one card and this is dealt face up. The player then has the option to double their bet based on seeing the dealers card and once decided on that the player receives their cards and the dealer takes their second card face down. Once this part of the game is over then play continues as normal.

More Double Attack Info and Side Bet

You will of course find all of the rules in help files in the Playtech casino of your choice, however here's the deal. Should you decide to split then your bet must be equal to your initial bet and the double. You may then double after the initial bet and the double attack bet. Once this is all decided and dealt out then the dealer, as in normal games will check for blackjack. Should the dealer be holding a face up ace then insurance is offered. If you have placed a double attack bet when the dealer has either an ace or a face and the dealer has blackjack then you'll lose only the initial bet. Due to these rule changes, should the player have blackjack then it will only be paid at evens, and insurance at 5 to 2. Here's comes the exciting side bet! This side bet is called Bust It and is of course optional and has to be made at the start of the game when placing the initial bet. This is a great bet as it is played even when the hand is over. If you have placed the Bust It bet then the dealer must take a third card even if you have bust or have blackjack. This means there's a little extra to each hand. Double Attack Blackjack can be played at Playtech real money online casinos and it is well worth getting used to as there is some great fun to be had with it.