Playtech gets big thumbs down for Paying Progressive Jackpots in Installments

It's a theme that has been around for a while, that when you hit the you get the cash in a lump sum, like it should be? The answer to that, in many Playtech online casinos at the moment you don't, and the bigger question is that is this really fair to the slots player? There is a case in which one player won a huge progressive jackpot of just over $4.1 million and this was way back in 2008. The casino had a maximum withdrawal limit of $9,000 per month, and this they say included wins on progressive jackpots. This is not to say that the casino is not paying, they indeed are paying, at $9,000 per month, which means in 39 years the player in question will have 'been paid'. Now this may be all well and good if you are happy to collect that amount each month, it's a pretty good salary to say the least, but it's not like having the windfall, and let's not forget the fact that $4.1 million would generate a whole lot of interest if invested correctly. In this particular case, a deal with the casino was done, and the exact details are not's between the player and the casino, but what has sprung to light is that this particular T & C, although not around for a while, is back at over 40 Playtech casinos.

Withdrawal Limits and Progressive Jackpots

Many casinos pay their progressive jackpots in lumps sums, spread out over a little bit of time and this is considered to be acceptable by progressive slots players and casino management. An agreement is often made directly between the player and the casino and there is usually very little trouble at all, everyone leaves happy. However, what players now find unacceptable is when a large amount is won and the casino sticks to their maximum withdrawal amount per month, and that this is not flexible enough. We must stress here, that flexibility is usually the case, casinos want happy players. The real issue here is that if you are a progressive slots fan and regularly play for the big win, it's advisable to check with the casino you are playing at. A quick question to customer support, or simply take the time to look through the terms and conditions, focusing on withdrawal limits and the likes. You may be happy with monthly payments and it's often the case that should you speak to the casino, an agreement will be made.