Betsoft Creates the New Shift Platform

This is a new desktop games platform using HTML5. Instead of Desktop and Mobile games being separated, Betsoft has combined them to produce a faster, more secure system for players and operators.

What Are the Advantages of the Shift Platform?

There are no 3rd party plugins, and the HTML5 will be the global standard for supporting every computer and mobile device. The security of the Shift Platform will allow for less avenues of interference. The Shift Program will run on all operating systems include Windows, Max, Linux, Android, and iOS. No plug-in support will be required. As with all Betsoft 3D games, the performance of these games will be optimized in a faster mode with spectacular animations that exceed Flash. There will be faster load times, no modifications, and allowing for players to continue to use older models of their computers. The Betsoft Shift Program will enhance the future of their games, especially their 3D slots and more.