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New Progressive EZ Pai Gow
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DEQ Systems is well known for their gaming software. It has announced that it will be providing two casinos in Las Vegas, the Palazzo and Venetian, with it’s latest game EZ Pai Gow. As a leader in bonus, table games and jackpot software, DEQ is proud of its new offering. The Venetian and Palazzo Casinos has provided four machines of EZ Pai Gow. EZ Pai Gow will join the G3 progressives that is currently offered at these casinos.

EZ Pai Gow

This new form of Pai Gow Poker is very revolutionary. Pai Gow is dominoes game with its roots in China. EZ Pai Gow is a faster form of this poker game. It also removes the 5 percent commission for winning hands. Instead, DEQ Systems Corp has now installed a push during those times when the dealer has a Queen high hand. If players place a wager on this Queen high hand occurring, there is the potential for this wager to pay 50 to 1. However, this is only if the Queen high Pai Gow is marked “Queen’s Dragon.”Therefore, players can win more money and the casino will also receive new revenue.

About DEQ Systems Corp

DEQ Systems Corp is well known for its use of G3 technology. It is available in more than 30 countries. This technology has improved the service of dealer hand betting and multiple credit betting.