Roll the Dice Table Game

If you enjoy playing Craps, you will really love playing this new game called Roll the Dice or Fish-Prawn-Crab. This is a traditional dice game in which you bet on numbers one through seven. The idea is to roll three dice, but without betting on the numbers on the dice, you will be betting on the animations, that is, Fish-Prawn-Crab, the three of seven symbols on the dice. The other symbols include a Coin, Rooster, Calabash, and the Triple. When you bet on a symbol and it appears on two of the dice, you will win a 2:1 payout, but if the symbol is shown on all three dice, you will win a 3:1 payout. This applies to all the symbols mentioned, except the Triple symbol.

The Triple Icon

This is a square with three dice. When you bet on the Triple, you are actually betting that the three dice will equal matching results regardless of what symbols appear. Once you bet the Triple, and you get three matching symbols, you will receive a 30:1 payout. However, if you bet the max on the Triple, you will win the max payout of $15,000.

How to Play Roll the Dice

First, you click on the Play button. The dice, which are placed under a virtual bowl, will be hidden from sight. Place your bet between $1 and $500 on any combination of animated symbols you wish. These symbols are shown on the screen in squares. If you select the wrong symbol, you can easily use the Clear or Undo Button available. This will remove your bet. When you are ready to roll the dice, merely tap the bowl and the dice will shake under the bowl. Once the dice is rolled, payouts will be made.

Play Roll the Dice or Fish-Prawn-Crab

This is an easy game to play under the Table Games Category. It is purely based on the luck of the dice. If you enjoy dice games, we invite you to play Fish-Prawn Crab at our recommended casinos.

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