Welcome a New Brand for a New Age: Pragmatic Games

Pragmatic Games is an exciting new brand that provides more than 150 slots and table games for mobile, web, and desktop users. Also available for download, players can expect these games to deliver the highest performance on a variety of devices. All games are customized with special themes, and are available in all languages and currencies. One of the signature marks of Pragmatic Games is their attention to detail. This makes for high quality slot games that employ fabulous animations, realistic sounds, incredible bonus games, and pay tables. Their portfolio of games are considered one of the best in the industry, and include multi-line video and classic slots, progressive slots, classic table and card games, video poker, and scratch cards. Two of the games we chose to highlight are 7 Monkeys Slots, their signature slot game; and Glorious Rome Slots, which illustrates the exquisite design richly complimenting its theme. We predict that Pragmatic Games will become the top brand for players in all genres and venues.

7 Monkeys Slots

Most every brand has a trademark game title, and Pragmatic Games is no exception. 7 Monkeys is a 5-reel, 7-pay lines video slot that has revolutionized the world of online slots. This slot game is touted as a sensational one due to the fact that you can win up to 150 free spins with a 3xs multiplier. This is a first among slot games and can be played on all devices.

Glorious Rome Slots

This slot is beautifully designed with realistic characters that spark the imagination. Imagine living during the Roman Empire where the Emperor rules with abandon; vestal virgins are at his beck and call; Gladiators fight; and Centurions guard the Palace. Glorious Rome is a 5-reel, 20-pay lines video slot that encompasses 10 free spins and a special bonus round.