Betsoft Launches a New Gaming Platform - Shift™

Calling it the Shift Platform, Betsoft has designed a new HTML5 technology upon which all casino games will be built. It is, according to Betsoft, "the next generation platform." As you know, Betsoft is a leader in 3D gaming, providing online players with some of the most advanced slot games on line. Their graphics and animations are among the most played games thus far.

What is the Shift Platform?

Basically, this platform will be available for all browsers without any third party plug in. Moreover, Shift will be more secure and prevent anyone from engaging in cyber attacks thus affording players a more entertaining and exciting game play. The Shift platform will allow for a new type of animation that is far better that Flash.

The iGaming Evolution

The Shift platform will present itself as the next generation in iGaming. The technology behind this design will enhance the quality of the games as well as the visual presentation of casino games. The 3D casino games will be enhanced through the Shift platform, as each game is updated. For those who have older devices or PCs, you will still be able to use the flash versions of your favorite games.