Why Play Progressive Jackpot Slots?

How many reasons can you come up with for playing online slots? No doubt you can think of plenty.

Now let’s ask a different question. How many reasons can you think of for playing online slots that also have the added bonus of a progressive jackpot on offer?

These slots do give you something extra alongside the normal playing experience you’d come to expect from them. The promise is there that you could be the lucky player who may just trigger the progressive jackpot to be paid out at the end of one of your spins. This is normally done completely at random, so you simply never know whether or not you will get it.

It could be a big win

Progressive jackpots have been known to regularly go above a million dollars. While it depends on the game, there are some – Mega Moolah comes to mind – that offer massive jackpots on a regular basis.

The reason this is the case is because lots of people get to know about the jackpots. Therefore, they play more often and trigger bigger rewards to be paid out when the jackpot is triggered.

There can be more than one jackpot on offer too

Some games have become really clever and have several progressive jackpots to shoot for. They are usually of different sizes, so you will get a small one, followed by one that is slightly larger, and so on. A good example is to get a jackpot in hundreds of dollars initially, followed by another one in the thousands. The biggest one will top hundreds of thousands or go above the million mark.

It gives you an added thrill

A progressive jackpot shouldn’t be the only reason you play a particular game. It’s a good idea to find a few great slot games you love to play, so you can get used to them and enjoy the game play above all else. However, even though this is the case, it is also worth making sure those games also have a progressive jackpot on offer. Aside from the perks you get from the game anyway, you always have that feeling in the back of your mind that you could be the lucky winner.

After all, if you aren’t in it, you won’t win it – isn’t that right? So check out the array of progressive slots online today and see how many of them look good enough to play.