Cherry Blossoms gives you the chance to take part in another tournament

Have you ever tried playing the slot game Cherry Blossoms? Maybe this is already familiar to you, or maybe you haven’t heard of it before. Either way, this could be the ideal time to give it a shot, because it is included as part of an exciting tournament that is about to get underway.

When it is happening?

The tournament begins on June 9th and carries through until June 17th, giving you plenty of time to mark the date on your calendar so you’re ready to enter at the start.

How do you take part?

It’s easy! All you have to do is enter the Bowl of Cherries tournament at either Liberty Slots or Lincoln Casino. That’s it! You will find more information about the tournament on the relevant tournament page on the website you are visiting. If you haven’t yet joined either Lincoln Casino or Liberty Slots, you can do so within just a few moments. Then you will be ready to enter the tournament when it begins. The buy-in is five dollars, and when you’re in, you have a chance to win a slice of the prize pool, which is worth $1,000 in all.

What is Cherry Blossoms like?

This is a nice user-friendly game that many slot players seem to like. The screen is nice and light, featuring lots of appealing symbols that you must try to get in winning combinations in order to secure some prizes. There is a total of 25 lines here, and of course you have a popular arrangement of five reels in play. Oftentimes, a game will use a highly relevant symbol as a scatter, and that is the case here too. The cherry blossom itself appears as this symbol, and you can enjoy getting from 15 to 25 free spins if you manage to secure at least three of these blossoms on the reels. The more you get, the more spins you’ll get in return. What’s more, if you do manage to win any prizes during the free spins round, they will be tripled from their normal values. This alone makes it worth playing Cherry Blossoms – and when you can enjoy a tournament as well, it makes perfect sense to get involved as quickly as you can! Get ready for this amazing tournament as it edges closer at the Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots casino very soon. Will you be in for some luck?