Bovada Casino’s Newest Winner

As you know, Bovada Casino has been producing more winners this year than any other casino. What makes our news very special today is that Douglas hit a Royal Flush playing Let ‘Em Ride. This is a poker game for one person and gives payouts for any hand with a minimum of a pair of 10s. In Douglas’ case, he was close to making the highest hand – a Royal Flush. So he raised $10, and with his three cards in the hole was dealt two more cards to complete this top hand. He won a payout of 1000:1 as well as up to 100% of the more than $90,000 progressive jackpot. His total win was over $110,000! We congratulate Douglas for a hand well played, and wish him good luck on his newly won fortune. If you wish to play Let ’Em Ride at Bovada Casino , the jackpot is now $13,000 and counting.