A Jackpot Capital Casino Exclusive

We will be ever mindful of the men and women who served our country on Memorial Day. We thank them for their courage and service. But for one soldier, who is currently serving in Kuwait, earlier this month he managed to win over $500K playing Super 6 Slots. Apparently, Michael has been playing at Jackpot Capital Casino for some time and it finally paid off for him and his family.

How Did he Do It?

It took one spin for Michael to hit six Scroll symbols with a 10X multiplier to win $180K. Then, on another spin with a 10X multiplier, he got six Fans and won over $116K. Later, he hit the 6 Scrolls again with a 4xs multiplier to win $48K. But he wasn't done. Finally, six Firework symbols appeared with a 10X multiplier to win $12K.

We congratulate Michael for his huge win, and hope he comes home safe and sound. Thank you, Michael, for serving your country.