Caribbean Hold’em Winner at Bovada Casino

Jonathan B. took home over $119,000 from Bovada Casino playing Caribbean Hold’em. This particular game had a progressive jackpot. So how did he win? If you follow Jonathan’s betting strategy, there was no way he could lose. First, he bet $25 as an ante. He was then given two cards, the Ace of Diamonds and the 10 of Diamonds. He then raised his bet to $50. The flop revealed the King of Diamonds, the Jack of Diamonds, and the Queen of Diamonds. ROYAL FLUSH! Jonathan won a 100-1 win on the Royal Flush, which amounted to $7500 with a $75 bet. But Jonathan had a gut feeling and before playing he placed a side bet of $1 on the Progressive Jackpot. Smart move on his part because getting the Royal Flush garnered him the progressive jackpot worth $over $111,000. We congratulate Jonathan and his intuitiveness on making the right bets at the right time.