Pearls Of Atlantis Slots

Called one of the most "outstanding" slots ever designed, we invite you to play Pearls of Atlantis Slots at our featured casinos: Slotland casino and Win A Day Casino. This is an extraordinary slot game with the most realistic images every displayed. We know you will love playing this new slot game, and we are just as excited to review it for you.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 9-payline progressive bonus video slot, Pearls of Atlantis Slots has a feature we know you will absolutely enjoy - a Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game. But before we give you the ditty on this feature, here are more game facts. First, read the pay table as it will contain important information on the symbols and bonus features. Second, the max bet is $10, which means that this game appeals to penny slot players and high rollers alike. Third, you can win the progressive jackpot when you get all 5 Triton symbols. Are you ready to play Pearls of Atlantis Slots?

Undersea Symbols

The symbols in Pearls of Atlantis Slots are stunning. They include: Treasure Chests, Seahorses, Octopus, Mermaids, Mer-men, Anchors, Oysters, and Sea Monsters. The Treasure Chest symbol, when appearing three or more times, will give you a chance to reveal a prize within it by clicking on one of them. These prizes can be gold, a piece of the Wheel of Fortune, or gems. With each piece you reveal, your bet is multiplied and added to the "treasure chest fund" that you can view at the bottom of the slot machine. To receive the total payouts from this fund, playing the Wheel of Fortune bonus game is required.

Wheel of Fortune Undersea Bonus Game

In order to play the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game, you have to have all five pieces of the outer wheel. Each of these pieces is accompanied by a multiplier. Once you collect all five pieces you will be able to play the Wheel of Fortune Game. We don't want to give too much away because this is the most exciting part of Pearls of Atlantis Slots. Suffice to say, the more you play the regular rounds of this game, the more chances you have to collect the pieces needed to play the Bonus Game.

Play Pearls of Atlantis Slots

We highly recommend you play Pearls of Atlantis Slots due to its fascinating Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game, lucrative payouts in the regular game, and stunningly realistic symbols that make this game a winner right out of the gate!