Pink Panther

Wow! This is the only word one can use to describe Pink Panther Slots. This is one of those slot games that you have to play. It is filled with a myriad of bonus features that pop up when you least expect it. Moreover, this slot game has more huge payouts than any we've played thus far. It is great fun and while the stakes are high, it is totally worth downloading and playing Pink Panther Slots. The animations and sounds are fantastic! Read on as we take you through the special bonus features in Pink Panther Slots.

Does Your Dog Bite?

This line was spoken by Inspector Clouseau in the movie of the same name, and this slot game will no doubt bring back memories of this most well-known comedy. A 5-reel, 40-payline progressive bonus video slot, Pink Panther has it all. There are two progressive jackpots: one is called the Major Pink and the other is the Minor Pink. The coin size ranges from 1¢ to $5, with a maximum bet of $2000 per spin. However, you can win sizeable payouts by betting $1 or $400 per spin. (We won over $40,000 betting $400 per sin). There are 35 winning combinations and it is advisable that you read the paytable. There are a total of eight pages describing all the different bonus features as well as the symbols and their payouts.

The Pink Panther

One of the most engaging aspects of Pink Panther Slots is that he stands to the left of the slot machine. When his image appears on the reels, he becomes quite animated. He will blow up symbols to produce random wilds; he will give you the thumbs up when you win; or during a particular bonus round, he will do a dance. But you will see for yourself. The symbols in Pink Panther slots play an important role in winning very huge payouts. They include: Inspector Clouseau, a Clouseau-like Little Man, The Pink Panther, a ball of dynamite and a pink paint can, a magnifying glass and foot prints, the Pink Panther Logo, and cards Ace through Ten. Every one of these symbols will yield fantastic payouts when they appear in winning combinations. Moreover, you can play any of the four bonus games in Pink Panther Slots. They are generated randomly, so you never know what game you'll be playing. We can tell you, though; they are all very lucrative games as long as you bet $400 per spin and up. The Pink Panther is the wild symbol and the Pink Panther Logo is the scatter symbol. So let's take a look at each of these four bonus rounds.

Pink Pow

This is not one of the bonus rounds, but is featured on the reels. When the Pink Panther appears, he will randomly blow up two to six symbols turning them into wilds. This wild will substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbol.

Crack the Pink Code Bonus

Trigger randomly during regular play, this bonus game involves opening 10 safes that are presented to you on a second screen. In these safes are a number of free games, multipliers, and an expanding wild that would appear on reel 3. Choose a safe at a time and it will reveal your free spins, expanding wilds, and multipliers. When a safe opens and blows up in the Pink Panther's face, the round is over and your total prize amount is revealed. You can win up to 27 free spins during this round.

The Color Pink Bonus

This bonus round is hysterical. The Pink Panther and the Little Man each have to paint a wall of numbers. The colors used are pink and blue. All you have to do is to click on start, and watch as they paint the numbers. The numbers you are concerned with are the pink numbers. They are added up as your cash prize. After the round ends, you can either collect your winnings or choose to repaint. You have three tries to earn the highest amount offered.

Wheel of Pink Bonus

Yes! There is Wheel of Pink which is spun by the Pink Panther and the Little Man. Actually, there are two wheels. The outer reel will tell you how much you win, while the inner wheel offers you an opportunity to re-spin or collect your winnings.

Pink Trail Bonus

This is perhaps the most lucrative bonus round of the four featured. We won over $40,000 during this round. In the Pink Trail Bonus, you are shown Inspector Inspector Clouseau with a magnifying glass. He has to follow the footsteps to find the diamond. There are four rounds in this game. With each footstep, you will win a cash prize that is shown atop the game, and the number of footsteps you are given are random. At the end of each round, you can either collect or continue. Definitely continue! If you win all four rounds, you will collect a very handsome reward as your total winnings will also be multiplied by two.

The Jackpot Adventure

Pink Panther Slots has two jackpots: The Major Pink and the Minor Pink. They are triggered randomly. Entering the Jackpot Game will guarantee a win of one of these two jackpots. To play the game, you will be shown 12 doors. You have to open the doors to reveal the characters behind them. If you uncover 5 Pink Panthers, you will win the Major Pink Jackpot. If you uncover 4 Inspector Clouseau, you will win the Minor Pink Jackpot. If you reveal the Little Man behind 3 doors, you will win the consolation prize.

The Gamble Game

Last, but certainly not least, Pink Panther Slots has a Gamble Game. The Gamble button is located on the bottom of the slot machine. This game requires you to beat the dealer's card. You will have 3 options: double your entire winnings; double half your winnings, or collect your winnings.

We highly recommend download and play Pink Panther Slots at Casino Swiss! It will become one of your favorite slot games of all time…..and that's a guarantee!