Red White and Win Slots

Red, White, and Win Slots offer three reels and one pay line. It is also considered to be a progressive slot game. Because of the way it is introduced it will appear to be nothing more than a conventional slot game at first…but remember that first impressions are not always correct.

Play the maximum wager with progressive jackpots for the biggest money wins. You can still win if you bet meagerly but it won't be a big win. Red, White, and Win Slots are not for those who like to go easy on the pocketbook… Red, White, and Win Slots are a spot on game for champions!

In Red, White and Win Slots $2.50 is the set bet amount…the only way that changes is if you opt to use three coins which is the max. As a matter of fact unless you use the three coins you can't be part of the progressive jackpot at all. With progressive slots the jackpots keep on growing. The growth is dependent on how much players bet. When someone wins the amount that they win depends on the combined percentage of all bets placed.

Red White and Win slots - $990,529.74 Jackpot was won August 2010

Catherine M. from California was playing Red, White and Win slots and parlayed her $7.50 bet into one of the biggest jackpots in the latest gambling history. The casino group includes Miami Club Casino, Liberty Slots USA Casino and newest Lincoln Casino is known as reputable and experienced, so it's no wonder big jackpots are won there. May be this is what attracts big money? Or great players attract big jackpots?

Red White and Win - true American Jackpot slots

Obviously a game with a name like Red, White and Win Slots is going to have a patriotic theme so expect symbols like the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, a dollar bill with George Washington's face on it, or a bald eagle. These are things that you would associate the US with.

Brought to you by Wager Gaming Technology, Red, White and Win Slots have remarkable graphics and massive winning potentials that will keep you coming back for more every time. If you like progressive slots then this one will knock your socks off! Those who know how progressive slots work are expecting one value betting options and single pay lines. However, if you have never played progressive before it might come as a bit of a surprise.

Once you get past those technicalities then you just need to know that the Bet One button adjusts the calculation of your bet. Bet Max sets the maximum wager permissible by the game. Spin starts the reels in motion.

Red, White, and Win slots have graphics and symbols that are exciting and make you kind of want to sing a patriotic tune…well maybe not but Old Glory in the scenery is rather moving.