Ronin Slots

If you were ever into those overdubbed kung fu movies as a kid, then we have one seriously good video slot for you. Ronin is set back in ancient Japan, back when leaderless samurai - the Ronin - were honor bound to seek out whoever had slain their master, and destroy him. It's a slightly grim premise, but the game isn't at all gory - in fact, it's beautiful to look at, given the amount of effort and attention to detail that the designers have poured into it. On top of the game's main jackpot of $50,000, it also has a random jackpot that can trigger at any time! Download Ronin today and join these ancient warriors on their quest for honor - and riches!

Studying Kung Fu

Ronin is actually a pretty simple game to play, and won't require years of training to master it. It has five reels, and a total of 20 different pay lines. For the grasshoppers among you, this means you get up to 20 chances to win every time you spin the reels. Here's how it works. If you look in the game's Help file, you'll see diagrams of 20 possible paths - or pay lines - across the reels. Each is unique. You spin the reels in an attempt to get matching symbols to line up along these lines. When they do, you win cash! So the more lines you play, the greater the chance you have of striking it rich.

Symbolic Kata

Ancient Japan was all about tradition - and so is this slot game, which is why the pay table starts with playing card icons, in this case done up to make them look Japanese. Ronin's symbol set includes the Horse, the Castle, and the Helmet, but the two that you want to watch out for are the Koku symbol, and the Ronin himself. These two are Wild - they can substitute for almost anything else in the game.

Honorable Bonuses

The bonus round triggers if Koku and at least two Ronin appear simultaneously, anywhere. Depending on the exact combination of special symbols that trigger the bonus round, it could be one of three possible free spin features. In the first, Koku expands to cover the reel it appears on - meaning you have a guaranteed Wild - and you get up to 10 free spins with this bonus modifier. In the second, you get five free spins, with the winnings from each multiplied by a progressively larger multiplier. The third bonus possibility is 25 free spins with all winnings instantly tripled - handy!

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