Bodog – Not Just the Online Casino

There are very few websites around that get the whole online gaming craze the way that Bodog gets it. With poker, casino, sportsbook and a number of other services it has become very obvious that the Bodog name is one that has become associated with excellence all over the world. The only unfortunate aspect to that of course is that they don't allow American players at their site, but otherplayers can definitely have a great time playing there.

Bodog Software

The software is actually one of the things that people like about Bodog. Whether you are playing at the Bodog Casino or the Bodog Poker website, you can see that there are unique aspects to the software that many people appreciate. Firstly, the download and install process for Bodog software is perhaps easier than most other and then additionally they have things like split window deals and multiple options that can definitely do a lot to make anyone feel at home.

Bodog Poker

New Bodog Poker is not one of the larger tier sites along the likes Party Poker but it does have a lot going for it. First and foremost of course is the fact that their software actually allows you to multi-table in the same window; something that no other poker software ever created in the past or present has been able to emulate. In addition to that, they also have some good choices for different poker variants that you can choose from to have a good time.

Bodog and Bodog Poker Tournaments

The poker tournaments on Bodog are similar to the actual Bodog Poker itself; not particularly top tier but at the same time having greatness to them that not many people can take advantage of. One of the big advantages of Bodog Poker tournaments is that not many people play in them so freerolls with large prize pools automatically become easier for people to win.

Bodog Sportsbook

The Bodog Sportsbook is one of the more trusted sportsbooks around simply because people know that the people that run the sportsbook are honest and hard working people that will give you a fair deal whatever you choose to bet on. You can bet on anything from North American Sports (baseball(MLB), hockey (NHL), football(NFL), basketball (NBA)) to European Sports (Soccer (, Cricket, Rugby) to any international sports (Tennis) that they feel like running lines on. You'll never be stuck for betting choice at the Bodog Sportsbook.

Bodog Horse Racing

Bodog Horse betting is excellent because it has a very clear and concise daily horse racing figure that people can use in order to see which horse races are coming up next. They of course are big in the North American and European sports markets but you can also look at things like the South African and Australian markets as well through Bodog Horse Racing.

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